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The detailed Critical Commentary accounts for sources, readings and editorial emendations. Performing Score on sale. This is shown in this arrangement which has been successfully performed in concerts in several countries by renowned organists.

8 Variations On A Theme From Hérold's Opera "Marie" Op.82, No.1 D.908 (Schubert)

It is now being published in time for the Debussy anniversary year in The great range of colors offers performers plenty of opportunity for artistic display. The registration markings are intended as suggestions and can easily be adapted to suit different instruments. XVI—42 and Hob. XVI—52 reveal him to be a highly distinctive and consummate master in terms of form and expression.

These technically brilliant works, the quintessence of his sonata output, were conceived for the hammerklavier and reflect the fresh inspiration Haydn received in London. In particular the London Sonatas will have been groundbreaking, not least for the young Beethoven. This Urtext edition presents these piano sonatas in a spacious and elegant engraving which is easy to read and offers practical page turns. Editorial changes are kept to a minimum and are documented, together with alternative readings, in the Critical Commentary. The early version of the second movement of the Sonata in C major, Hob.

XVI, is reproduced in the appendix. Last but not least, the edition, which is based on most recent musicological research, is enhanced by an informative Preface. Henle Urtext Edited by George S. The Eleven Chorale Preludes op. The early versions of two of these pieces are also given in an appendix.

Faber Music This fiendish 6-minute toccata by Carl Vine is not for the faint-hearted. Commissioned by the Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia, Toccatissimo is a dazzling showcase of both technical and musical prowess. This minute concerto is cast in the familiar three-movement form, with fast outer movements framing a central slow movement. The outer movements share some material particularly in some lively conversational interchanges between piano and trumpet , and also some typically pianistic glitter across the orchestra, with harp and glockenspiel ensuring that the piano is less of an outsider than might have otherwise been the case.

Edited by pianist Barbara Nissman, to whom Ginastera dedicated his third piano sonata. This very special slipcase edition album features the very best of Ludovico Einaudi for solo piano.

Piano Duo Schnabel, Karl Ulrich Schnabel, Helen Schnabel

Beautifully packaged in a slipcase, hardbound and newly engraved, this unique collection includes a special foreword from Ludovico Einaudi himself. There are a number of different publications of Einaudi's music available on sale. Contact us at clearmusicaustralia gmail. To this day it remains a pianistic challenge and a musical touchstone for every performer.

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Performers can look forward to a musical text which is based on the latest research findings and where the fine engraving as well as practical page turns will facilitate the study of this demanding work. This Urtext edition includes an informative Introduction and valuable notes on historical performance practice.

Information regarding source discrepancies and editorial principles are presented in the detailed Critical Commentary which contains facsimile pages. Promethean Editions Firestarters 2 is a collection of seven recital pieces for piano by composers from Australia and New Zealand, suitable for performers of approximately Grade VIII to Diploma-level ability. With contributions from composers such as John Psathas, Stuart Greenbaum and Ross Harris, each piece has been annotated with suggestions for performance and interpretation, and all are ideal for student recital or professional performance.

The volume is accompanied by a CD recording of the works for reference. The pieces, composed mainly for her birthday or the New Year, reflect the world as experienced by the growing child, from a lullaby to a temperamental dance.

Franz Peter Schubert - Life and Music

But it was not meant to be taken too seriously, as shown by the subtle allusions to his own music and that of others. Any complete scholarly critical edition of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach must incorporate new research findings in the interest of scholars and performers alike. Besides the new compilation and corrections of the musical text, the volume also contains a detailed Foreword by Peter Wollny with observations on each work and the extant sources.

Page turns have been re-examined and improved. The links stored there are examined for their validity on a regular basis.

  • Artist - LA FOLLE JOURNÉE au JAPON “Days of Enthusiasm” Music Festival .
  • Mysterious Millionaire (Mills & Boon Intrigue).
  • Marjorie Hayward String Quartet.

It is devoted to changes of metre and tempo. The jazz piece One Step, composed in , is also made accessible here for the first time. These were previously available in Compositions for Policka. Practical page turns and a fine engraving reflecting the character of the music ensure maximum enjoyment for every pianist. The informative Introduction describes the genesis of the works and is supplemented by valuable notes on performance practice.

The Critical Commentary provides information on variants as well as editorial guidelines and contains facsimile pages. Universal Edition This edition offers an authoritative text of Franz Liszt's organ music and thus a basis for performing it free of distortions. The edition comprises nine volumes of music and one supplementary volume containing detailed notes on the genesis and the sources of individual works, essays on organs and organists in Liszt's time, illustrations, facsimile reproductions of the most important manuscripts, as well as an account of the editorial principles applied, a complete list of contents and critical notes on every work.

The complete edition of Liszt's organ music comprises: the original compositions for organ solo; arrangements for organ of Liszt's own works made or revised by the composer; works for organ with one obbligato instrument; works for voice s and organ harmonium ; and Liszt's organ transcriptions of music by other composers. The Appendix of the sixth volume also contains Liszt's works for harmonium or piano. Debussy himself produced a version for orchestra, and in he even — at a rather faster tempo — recorded it on a piano roll for the Welte-Mignon company.

A preface, extended from those in the anthology volumes HN and HN , will stimulate curiosity about this charming miniature waltz. Many have become piano classics, none more so than The Wedding at Troldhaugen, which we offer here in a separate edition. In this boisterous piece Grieg recalls a glittering celebration at the Villa Troldhaugen on the occasion of his silver wedding, something which attracted hundreds of guests and well-wishers.

The main feasts and themes represented in this collection include the celebration of Mass, the Holy Spirit, Trinity, Jesus Christ, Praise and Thanks, as well as trust and consolation. Distinguished composers from various European countries have contributed to the volume. Some works which are less well-known, from the Baroque to the 20th century, are also included. The collection contains several exciting new discoveries which will be useful in the liturgy of the Mass, in other services and in concerts.

This third volume in the series follows on from the editions already published devoted to Christmas and Easter. Breitkopf Urtext Edited by Andrew Brownell Hummel picks up where Dussek left off, and clearly seeks the vicinity of Beethoven, who by then had already written his fifth and last piano concerto. Yet Hummel also left his mark on Schumann and Chopin. Here the composer reveals his status as a wanderer along the interface of two eras, who succ eeds in crossing borders in his A-minor Piano Concerto, thus putting him on a par with Weber and Schubert.

Version for 2 pianos on sale. Christoph Flamm has critically re-evaluated the sources, bringing to light new readings of this well-known musical text. The addition of his late piano sonatas is a rewarding discovery! The repertoire comprises educational pieces as well as concert literature, thus making this work an indispensable companion to piano lessons. The work is now available for the first time as urtext edition in three volumes, with each volume containing two of the six volumes of the original edition. The musical text was critically examined on the basis of the sources and was corrected in many details.

Furthermore, the edition contains some previously unpublished pieces and early versions.

The edition is completed by notes on study and interpretation based on the sources and a glossary of unusual expression markings. Nevertheless, no. This image perfectly fits the dreamy graceful music. And ever since, the prelude has been the object of numerous arrangements for other scorings. This single edition of this much-loved piece contains the Urtext musical text for piano and also includes a detailed preface. The sonatas, arranged in chronological order by date of publication, now appear for the first time in critical editions.

They are easy to play, some most probably having been written for teaching purposes. In Piano Village, a mixed collection of pieces of up to five minutes, there are works from intermediate level to advanced and ranging in mood, theme and texture with the warmth, energy and vivacity that her fans will have come to expect. In compiling this book,editor Tamara-Anna Cislowska has paid close attention to the interpretations of the composer herself, and has tried to give a detailed guide to dynamics, phrasing and articulation.

Tempos are suggestions only and often include a broad range to cater for taste and ability. All are suitable for public performance and will repay careful study and practice. The book contains twenty-five different works guaranteed to entertain, disarm and amuse. They begin with the frequently played Op.

Concert Archive 1943-85

They then proceed to the lyrical D major Sonata Op. The acclaimed Beethoven specialist Jonathan Del Mar has consulted every known source for these critical Urtext performing editions. The results of his accurate research are presented in a meticulously edited musical text at the cutting edge of scholarship, together with a detailed Critical Commentary.

All three volumes stand out in terms of their elegant and well-presented layout.

Concert Archive | Sevenoaks Chamber Music Series

Special emphasis has been placed on optimum page-turns and on the consideration of the flow of the music. The highly informative Introductions on the genesis and significance of the works are supplemented by valuable notes on historical performance practice. It contains exacting performance instructions, for which Couperin created his own symbols. The editor has, for the first time, closely analysed the various proofs of the original edition, some of which he discovered himself.

He lists these alternative readings in the Critical Commentary. The edition also presents conflicting versions of several pieces as well as an anonymous work possibly attributable to Couperin. A detailed foreword, notes on period performance practice and facsimile illustrations round off this edition, making it indispensable to all admirers and performers of French clavecin music.