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Traumatology Resident a Orthopedic Guide

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Homoeopathy in Orthopedics. Rajeev Saxena. It was definitely the right choice as I kept studying every day for hours and it was flexible with my work duties. The program was very good as it directed me to the important topics in the daily practice and for the exam. The evidence-based orthopaedics is important to keep up to date with new guidelines. My consultants noted big changes in the way I am handling patients and planning their management, which was very positive.

I developed this with the regular participation in the discussion boards and the feedback from our tutors, they were very helpful. Thanks for our nice tutors and supervisors, they encouraged us with positive feedback. The ChM course came highly recommended to me by colleagues who had done it before me. My decision to pursue the course was multi factorial.

Orthopedic Surgery Residency

One was it provided me with a masters degree from the prestigious University of Edinburgh. Two was the high quality of mentors and tutors on the course.

Three was the unique VLE platform where I could interact with everyone at my time and convenience. The best thing about the course is that it is evidence-based and trains us to look at literature with a critical eye. The course has improved my surgical acumen, decision-making and overall knowledge. I am more attune to practices and literature relevant to me. I would hands down recommend this Masters course to anyone aspiring to be a master in trauma and orthopaedics! The ChM should provide a high quality, rigorous and interactive learning experience that is valuable for training surgeons as they progress towards their fellowship exam and then independent practice.

He attended medical school at the University of St Andrews and then the University of Oxford before completing residency training in Manchester, Edinburgh and Sydney.

Mr Moran is the organizer of the South East Scotland teaching programme for specialty trainees. He has lectured widely at National and International meetings on subjects of his specialist interest.